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My first computer I bought when I was 20, at that time I really didnt know so well what the bennefits would be but it seemed to be handy.

At first i started to make flyers for parties who were organised by friends of me and that way I started to find out about all the possibility's of computers. After messing around in CorelDRAW I started to get into adobe's Photoshop and that really triggered me.
At the same time I started to build my own website in Microsoft's Frontpage and that way I found out about the programming language PHP. With this programming language you can build database driven websites such as guestbooks, secured pages and photo albums etc.

Meanwhile, I'm designing and building websites, posters, flyers and even busines cards for several years and I have gained a lot of knowledge that is now increasingly used in practice, and which I hope I can be of your assistance someday.
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